Who can benefit from BodyTalk?

Everyone can benefit from BodyTalk treatment as it looks for the hidden cause of illness by looking at the physical, mental, emotional and environmental factors that may be affecting a person. This is because every experience you’ve had and every choice you’ve made has brought you to your current state of health. Health problems are an accumulation of your whole life story. BodyTalk therefore looks at the whole person and their whole story.

How do I book a session?

Please contact me by telephone or email. If I am unable to take your call, please leave me a message with either a daytime or evening contact telephone number that I can get back to you on. All emails are normally responded to within 24-48 hours.

What information do you need from me for my first session?

All new clients are required to complete a Health and Wellbeing questionnaire. It is quite detailed, so only complete the parts of the questionnaire that are relevant to you and that you are happy sharing with me. Please be assured that all sessions are 100% confidential.

In addition, all new clients are also required to sign a Consent Form.

It would be really helpful if you could take the time to complete this paperwork prior to the appointment and bring it along with you. If you are unable to print, please contact me and I can post the forms to you in advance.

What can I expect to happen during a BodyTalk session?

When you arrive for your first session, I will spend some time going through your Health and Wellbeing questionnaire. You will be given the opportunity to make yourself comfortable and we will discuss any issues that are coming up for you at that time. Clients then lie down on a treatment table, sit in a chair or stand if necessary for the session. I will take some baseline observations at the start of the session.

Next I will establish a Yes / No response from your body by gently lifting your wrist either from your abdomen or the side of your body. After going through the questioning protocol, I will find the techniques that are the priority for your body and from time to time I will stop to tap out a technique. This will involve both the client and I holding various hand positions on the body whilst I will lightly tap the head, heart and abdomen. At the end of the session I will also redo the baseline observations for comparison. Many clients find that a BodyTalk session is a very gentle, relaxing, non-invasive experience.

Why do you tap on the head, heart and abdomen?

These areas are primary energy centres that strongly influence the functioning of the body. Tapping the head introduces an interference pattern with the brains own electrical activity. It helps to initiate and fix the corrections required in the bodymind. Tapping over the heart helps to store the new corrections in the bodymind, ensuring the changes will last and it sends the changes out to every cell in the body. Finally tapping over the abdomen helps digest and integrate the changes to the whole bodymind and it improves the connection between the three energy centres, creating better communication and synchronicity between them.

Do you diagnose or treat specific symptoms?

No, in BodyTalk the practitioner will never diagnose or prescribe. We treat your whole body and your whole story. During a session, I am constantly looking for what is the priority for your body to heal itself in the best way possible. In my experience, I have found that that sometimes it may appear that a particular symptom is being addressed directly in a session, however it is not uncommon for symptoms to be relieved or eliminated by the end of a session, when on the surface it does not appear that they were being addressed at all.

Can you provide a distance BodyTalk session?


What is involved with a distance BodyTalk session?

As with an in-person session, a time and date will be arranged for me to facilitate the session. The usual Consent and Health & Wellbeing forms will be provided to me in advance. I will focus on the client requesting the session, tuning into them and using skills learnt in Mindscape, the session will go on in the same way and with the same results as an in-person session. You will then be sent a recording of the session to listen to at your leisure.

How many sessions will I need?

You should consider having three sessions. For someone new to BodyTalk we would usually work on the basics in sessions one and two and then delve deeper by session three. It is like peeling back the layers of an onion one at a time – once the basics have been addressed, then more complex priorities may come up. To turn the big wheels, we often have to turn a lot of little wheels. However that being said, some clients can change their whole life in one session.

How long does a session last?

Sessions are booked in one hour slots. This allows time to get comfortable once you arrive and also to discuss anything that is coming up for you in life at that time, if you so wish. The actual session usually lasts between 30-45 minutes. Please understand that the length of the session is no indicator of quality of the session. Equally profound shifts can be experienced in either a shorter session or a longer, more complex session. It is all about what is the priority for your body at that time.

Do I have to get undressed for a BodyTalk session?

No, sessions are carried out with the client being fully clothed.

I am not able to lie down, are you still able to do a session for me?

Yes, sessions can be carried out with the client lying down on a treatment couch, sitting in a chair or even standing up – whatever is more comfortable for you.

Where is the clinic?

29a, Great Central Ave, Ruislip, Middlesex. HA4 6TT

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available on the driveway outside.

Is the treatment room accessible?

Please note that the clinic is held on the first floor, accessible by one flight of stairs only. Please advise me in advance if you cannot climb the stairs, so that alternative arrangements may be made.

How much does a BodyTalk session cost?

£50 per session whether in-person or distance.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, clients are asked to notify me by telephone at least 24 hours prior to a booked appointment, if they are unable to attend. Clients will be charged the full session price (£50) if they fail to attend a booked appointment without the required notice.

How do I pay for a session?

Cash or bank transfer only.