About Me

My name is Lisa Wallace and I work as a Bio-Energy Therapist and a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP). I am based in west London and currently work from my home clinic.


Between the years 2005-2011, I experienced six years of healthcare challenges that resulted in me struggling with basic functioning and day to day living. My ill health was all consuming and took its toll on every aspect of my life. My health problems came on quite suddenly over the course of one month in 2005 when I was 30 years old. I was affected from my toes to my jaw with excruciating pain and swelling in my joints; plus extreme pain and tenderness in all muscles and deep tissues in my body. I was initially diagnosed with tendonitis in one of my heels and as I rapidly deteriorated over the course of this month I was then diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was treated with Methotrexate for two years which neither eliminated nor alleviated my symptoms. At this time I was also taking up to ten Ibuprofen tablets per day and constantly clock watching to see when I could take some more because they were not taking the pain away, merely taking the edge off the pain. In addition to the pain, I also experienced chronic fatigue. This was all encompassing and affected every part of my life. I had days where I sat at the dining table with my head on the table as I did not have the strength to sit up in a chair. There were other days when it felt as if my head and brain were the only parts working as I just could not move my arms or my legs. At thirty years old I needed assistance to get dressed, there were times I needed to be put into bed, be taken out of bed, I had to change my car to an automatic, I had to use a Dictaphone as I could barely hold a pen to write, use voice activated software on the computer as I couldn’t type, I needed assistance walking and could not shop or cook by myself. After two years the Consultant Rheumatologist advised that they were no longer sure that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. She suggested that I may have Fibromyalgia, told me that some people found acupuncture helpful and basically showed me the door.

Left to my own devices, I then saw a microbiologist at the Hale Clinic, London who recommended that I do a raw food diet. I did this for the following two years and whilst it was good it was not enough on its own to fully shift my symptoms. At this time I also spent a small fortune on meditation CD’s and in the same way, although they were good, they were not enough on their own to fully shift my symptoms.

At the end of year four into my illness we moved house and I got a different GP and Consultant Rheumatologist. At this stage I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. I was treated for a further two years with a number of medications including Sulfasalazine, steroid injections and finally Humira injections. None of the medication helped with my symptoms, I had to be taken off all medications due to the side effects I experienced and eventually when there was no other treatment available, I was referred to the Pain Clinic to teach me how to cope with the pain. At the end of year six, I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and told that the Fibromyalgia was the most dominant.

I found that Western medicine was unable to eliminate or even alleviate my symptoms and so after exhausting all available treatment options, out of sheer desperation I turned to alternative medicine. This was completely unfamiliar territory for me. So in 2011, I went to see Michael O’ Doherty in London. I had no idea about Bio-Energy treatment at that time but was so desperate; I would have gone anywhere and tried anything. During those four days, Michael O’ Doherty gave me back my life. On day one I struggled to get up the stairs to his first floor clinic. Furthermore, I was quite vague on my intake form when I went to see him because I was just so sick of telling people what was wrong with me and not getting any results. However, Michael immediately got my attention when he told me that the left side of my body was completely shut down – because whilst I had pain all over, my left side was considerably worse. He told me that I had a digestive problem and that I had a mechanical problem in my neck. When I came home on day one, I was frozen to my core and for hours struggled to warm up. I also went into the deepest sleep for hours and eventually when I did wake up, I spent the rest of the evening running to the loo. The next day Michael told me that he had worked on cooling down the inflammation in my body and he explained that when the body relaxes, everything works as it should. On day two I had a similar experience after my treatment, just not as intense as the first day. On day three I felt great and on day four, I could have danced home from London. Michael advised me about the diet that I needed to follow, what supplements I needed to take and that I had to do an hour of breathing and visualisation daily. I then saw Michael for a further four day treatment the following month. Frankly I felt so well by this time that I only went back because I was doing what I was told. By the end of that treatment I could not believe how much better I felt again. I had a one day top up treatment the following month and another four day treatment four months along.

My feeling is that whilst I had previously done a lot of work on diet / nutrition and meditation, the missing part of the jigsaw for me was receiving the Bio-Energy treatment. The Bio-Energy treatment in combination with the breathing & visualisation, the diet and supplements brought me back to full health. In fact when I recovered, I felt better than I was before I had become ill.

Michael O'Doherty completely gave me back my life, but he also changed my life too. I was blown away by this whole new world of energy healing / medicine that had been opened up to me. I come from a scientific background, having qualified with a BSc(HONS) Environmental Health degree 20+ years ago and have specialized in food safety over the course of my career. Of course I could not just accept my healing and carry on with the rest of my life; my brain needed to understand how and why this had worked. Initially I started studying and practising Qigong and through this I was introduced to BodyTalk.

After my first BodyTalk Access course I was completely hooked and knew then that I was going to study to become a BodyTalk practitioner. I have now come full circle and studied in Ireland to also become a Bio-Energy therapist, under the direction of Michael O' Doherty. At the time of my treatment with him all those years ago, I had no idea that it would be the start of a whole new energy healing journey for me that would completely change the course of my life.

As they say the rest is history – I have now left my career in Environmental Health to run my own clinic. I am passionate about Bio-Energy & BodyTalk and I love facilitating sessions for clients. It is an honour to work with clients and a privilege to witness the positive results that are achieved and in turn, the positive impact that this work has on their lives.



In order to change, we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Simple changes can lead to profound change.

Anything unresolved within our energy field will keep manifesting itself in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life until we heal it again. There is no escaping this.