About Bio-Energy

We are all made up of energy and the human energy field flows within and around the human body. Our physical body is comprised of various levels of vibratory rates of energy where each organ and tissue has its own frequency. When illness occurs therefore, it can be considered as an imbalanced frequency.

In brief, there are seven major chakras or energy centres aligned along the centre of the human body that distributes the life force or chi energy through meridians. Chakras transform subtle energies into nerve, hormonal and cellular energy within the physical body. Meridians are a system of energy channels that conduct the life force or chi energy throughout the body. They run outside of the body’s nervous system and flow through the connective tissue that binds all of our cells together. When we are healthy, life force energy or Chi flows freely throughout the body. For overall good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, all of the seven major chakras need to be opened and balanced. However if our energy system becomes blocked or imbalanced then we become ill. There are a number of factors that can contribute to our energy system becoming blocked or imbalanced. These may include stress and anxiety, shock and trauma, our womb life and birth experience, toxins in our air, food, water and homes, poor nutrition and overuse of some medications etc.

Bio-Energy is a very powerful yet gentle, relaxing and non-invasive therapy. Some techniques require the placing of the practitioners’ hands at certain points on the body of the client. Initially, Bio-Energy treatment takes place for just over an hour per day, for four consecutive days in a row. This is necessary as the opening of the chakras needs to be done slowly and carefully over a number of sessions, to allow the energy field of the client to adjust to the new state. Four consecutive days of treatment also produces the most effective healing response in the body. It may be necessary to repeat this four day treatment cycle at spaced intervals until health is recovered. Some clients also like to have individual one day treatments as a top up or maintenance for their recovery. As the chakras are opened and the energy flow is re-established within the body, the Bio-Energy techniques have the effect of releasing stress, releasing any overload off the system, helping with the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients and the release of waste in the body. During the four day treatment, the mindset, emotions and environment of the client will also be addressed. The mindset and emotions of the client are crucial during their treatment and recovery. Negative attitudes or a negative outlook for the future will create just that. In addition, if a client were not dealing with their emotions on a day to day basis, then this again could have a huge impact on their health. Finally, a healthcare strategy is tailored and provided to each client on day four of treatment, so that they can continue to make progress in between treatment sessions.

The Bio-Energy practitioner will not focus on the illness, but instead on the health of the client. With the clients commitment to the process and the implementation of simple steps; then this can lead to profound change in their health and life.

If you have any questions please see the Bio-Energy FAQs or contact me for more details.



Illness is an imbalanced frequency, not an imbalanced chemical.

You only have control over three things in your life:
  1. The thoughts you think
  2. The images you visualise
  3. The actions you take

Where focus goes,
energy flows.



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